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Well, heart not really renovations per se, malady but our apartment needs some serious work if we are going to live in it with a baby for the next couple years. You see things have kind of gotten out of hand here – our apartment, dosage as one friend put it, looks academic. By that she meant that there are books and papers everywhere. And now there are books, papers and baby things everywhere. So my plan is to rearrange the main room and buy a couple bookcases from Ikea with doors on the bottom that can be locked. That way we can hide some things away from Miss Moira plus she hopefully won’t be able to climb the bookcases if there are doors on the bottom. Might as well start baby-proofing now. Once the main room is rearranged I can start thinking about the back room – the room that has served as the Mister & my office for the last 4+ years as well as a craft room. I can’t even go into that backroom these days without having an anxiety attack and so it just gets worse and worse – and the plan is to divide it in half so it is half the Mister’s work space for his thesis and half Moira’s room. I’m still not sure how that is going to work but it will… somehow. The truth is: this is the cheapest apartment in the city and we love the neighbourhood so we won’t be going anywhere for a while. Even if we could afford to live somewhere with a little more space we wouldn’t want to leave the neighbourhood. So that leaves me with the not-very-enviable task of trying to make this space livable for three people. I’m totally not looking forward to it and it means some serious purging on my part – but I’m tired of living in limbo and waiting for the day when I have a place to make nice – this is it and I’m going to have to find a way to be happy with it.

It would also be nice to have a fridge with a freezer that freezes things properly and a toilet that works all the time but I’ll have to work on my landlord for those things.


What can I say? I eat them a lot. I pretty much can’t eat cereal or yogurt without them (I only eat plain yogurt). I used to get excited about finding them in my Halloween stash even though my Mum always bought them for me anyway. I’m just waiting for some study to come out and say they cause cancer if consumed more than 3x a day – but until then I will continue to go through a couple pound bag every few weeks.

And somewhat random…


Does anyone remember this show? It was about a playboy business man who adopts 5 orphan girls to improve his image for a business deal blah blah blah – the best part was that is was set in the 60s and they would randomly burst into song! It was on TV for a season and a half in 1987-88, when I was 11 or 12, and I can still remember some of the lyrics to the songs (which were reworked versions of popular 60s songs). This show totally fed into my love of musicals and my odd desire to be an orphan – for which you can blame the movie Annie (I also wanted to be a mermaid though so I obviously wasn’t too entrenched in reality as a child). Anyway, for some reason this TV show has been on my mind lately.

Interesting “I wannabe an orphan” reality check that happened to me as a child. We were traveling through the ‘States (as we call ’em up here) and we stopped at a gas station to fill up and use the bathrooms and when I came out of the bathroom the car was GONE! I was probably 10 at the time and had seen a number of “abandoned children at gas station” movies recently. So I stood there staring at the pump where the car, and my family, had previously been trying not to cry until I heard “Mel! Get in the car!” My Dad had moved the car around the side of the gas station and was waiting, not too patiently, for me to get my ass out of the bathroom. I realized at that moment I really didn’t really want to be an orphan (as I sucked back the tears and got in the car) I just wanted to live in a musical.

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