Inspiration: Quilts, Dollhouses and other beautiful things.

I don’t have much time to post. Between Moira’s teeth and what appears to be a cold she isn’t feeling so great today and didn’t sleep well last night (read: screamed when she wasn’t touching me). My MIL is coming over in a little while to take her off my hands for a couple hours so I can go buy a new bathing suit and clothes that fit (read: go the consignment store where I have a credit and hope that something fits me. I’m in that weird in-between stage where the few post-pregnancy things I bought are too big but my pre-pregnancy clothes make me look like Little Miss Muffin Top and I’m just not cool with that.)

Anyway, abortion this is what is on my mind lately: Quilts

1. Vintage Quilt 1, 2. Isaiah’s new shades, 3. blue green quilt, 4. A, 5. itty bitty bear and stacked stones…home, 6. Lotus Brick Path Quilt, 7. come what may – art quilt, 8. Drunk Love Baby Quilt, 9. IMG_3542, 10. coin quilt – finished, 11. Zigzagging, 12. Cathedral Window Doll Quilt for quilt swap 4

Dollhouses: I don’t know when I first decided I wanted a dollhouse – I think I may have been past the proper age to start playing with one – but I’ve wanted one for a long time. (Have you seen this one?) I always figured that when I was older I would start building one myself (or at least furnishing one). Now that Moira is here it is probably time to get started… if only I knew where to get those little Eames chairs. (I also plan on making a Finger Puppet Theatre someday for the stack of finger puppets I have been collecting over the years).

Small Magazine. Clothes for little people that I would love to wear myself.

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