Quickie house update

We have just over three weeks before we need to be out of our apartment and into our new place. Slowly the work is coming together and I am trying to juggle various contractors (the painter, page the guys doing the bathroom, about it the flooring guys and the electrician) while, you know, keeping Moira from screaming at me all the time.

Staying in our apartment while getting the work done has been great. We pack a couple boxes, fill up the station wagon, Moira bubs around the backyard and checks on the progress of her purple room (pronounced: Purrrr-Pull) and then we go home. As far as that goes it has been pretty stress free and I have been able to go through some things and throw them out/freecycle/pack as needed.

Figuring out what needed to be done asap (bathroom!), what we could and couldn’t live without (again, bathroom and getting the electrical upgraded) and what we could do ourselves (next week will bring Adventures in Refinishing Hardwood Floors!) has been interesting. And of course, what underlies all of this is what can we afford? Had we more time and were I a lot less pregnant we would have painted part of the house ourself but it has been great having a really professional painter in there. He got the house done: ceilings, doors, walls etc. in less than a week and is coming back to do the baseboards and any touch ups we need after we move in. He also wants to “stop by” when we start doing the hardwood because he has experience with that and we so obviously don’t.

One coat of "Embellished Blue" on our bedroom walls.

So far the colour in the house looks fantastic and every time I go over there I get more and more excited to move in and really make it our home.

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