Pumpkin(cutie)Pie for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.

It has been a busy weekend for us with lots of family time and TWO turkey dinners. Today was a little more relaxing although I have a wicked head- and jaw-ache that has left me pretty tired. Moira was also super overtired today but has thankfully passed out now (much crying to get her there though which doesn’t happen as much at night anymore but the sleep update is for another post).

I feel that we have so much to be thankful for these days. With the economy in the state it is in I’m so grateful that we have this cheap apartment in a beautiful neighbourhood and that the Mister has a job that seems like it isn’t in trouble and he is enjoying. It seems like a good time to sit tight, asthma save some money and watch what happens – and thankfully there is now money coming in that can be saved! I’m thankful that we truly have everything we need, overweight aren’t in debt and I’m able to stay home with Moira.

I’m especially thankful and crazy about this Blue-eyed Duo:

All that pumpkin cooking I mentioned yesterday resulted in two amazing pumpkin pies that we are currently enjoying. The Mister is bringing one into work tomorrow since no one he works with has ever had REAL pumpkin pie before. They are about to have their minds blown.

Today I was supposed to go and take family photos for a friend who had a baby in September. It was one of those amazing Autumn days where everyone just wants to be outside because it might be one of the last amazing days for a while (snow is forcasted for tonight in fact). Unfortunately my camera stopped working just before I was supposed to leave. The Mister managed to get a couple snaps of Miss Moira in her pumpkin costume before it died. The plan was to dress her up and throw her (figuratively) in some leaves for the full Fall effect. I might be rockin the double chin in that photo but the grin on my face says “I gave birth to a pumpkin patch elf and my life is freakin complete now!” Those ears! All those who think Moira needs a gnome costume for Halloween next year raise your hands.

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