Post-Potter world

McNally Madness

The above photo was taken by my friend Chris. We did indeed particpate in the Book 7 mayhem. My decision was made for me when my nephew said he would come with us AND would wear a Dumbledore’s Army t-shirt. (He usually doesn’t want to do things with me so I take what I can get.) I get really nervous in crowds like this but I did okay – except for one minor panic attack moment when a wall of people closed in all around me and I was unable to move. Once midnight hit and the books were being distributed things went smoothly and it didn’t take long for us to get our book and go home.

It was fun to see all the people dressed up. Some of the costumes were amazing – we saw one girl dressed up as a painting with a frame around her and a background painted behind her (I suppose she was the Fat Lady but she didn’t look particularly fat to me). There was lots to do too if you felt like it and weren’t just trying to avoid the crowd. I think my favourite part was the Owl information booth which was educating people about owls and had a really calm one with them. The interpretor said that particular owl has been in film and on TV so he was used to crowds. I could have done without, buy viagra what we not-so affectionalty termed, the Ho-warts girls. Lots of young girls dressing up in Hogwarts uniforms but with super short skirts and revealing tops. They looked more like what I precieve anime fan-fic characters of Harry Potter would look like. Once again, nothing is sacred.

I had a 14-hour reading marathon on Saturday and don’t want to give anything away except to say I found it emotionally draining, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. I spent Sunday in a state of mourning, unsure of what to do with myself and waiting for the Mister to finish reading it so we could discuss. All in all, I’m happy with the outcome and both happy and sad the series has ended. I did find some solace in this article which I wouldn’t recommend reading unless you have finished the book.

I have this mentality that now the series has ended I can get on with my life. Other than reading Book 7 again in a little while I am going to try and not re-read the entire series for a number of years – I seem to be able to do little else once I am caught up in that world. And it isn’t as though I have nothing else to read….

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