I love this photo. Cant you just see the teenage Moira sitting there casually talking to her Dad? Of course, <a href=

sildenafil her Dad at that moment was feeding her dairy-based rice pudding in our effort to torture our child – but she loved it.” width=”480″ height=”360″ />

Something is wrong with Moira’s digestive system these days and not to get into too much detail but the word poosplosion has been uttered by me more times than I care to admit. We have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday but I took her to the walk-in clinic this morning because after another early morning poospolsion wake-up call I figured I couldn’t put it off any longer. The result is she is off dairy for a week and hopefully things will clear up and the non-dairy diet won’t be a permanent thing. We are also hoping this means the increased whinging and general miserableness will go with it. The problem with a child who can’t fully communicate being – as I call it – under-the-weather is that you can never really know what the hell is wrong with them. Mostly, and with good cause, we blame it on teething. It might still be about teething and not about dairy and we will probably never know for sure. Are those two-year molars coming in? Is she going through a developmental stage or just trying to drive us mental? Mostly she is still our sweet little Moira but there are also times when I am waiting for her head to spin all the way around and for her to start levitating off the ground.

Coming this week:

  • Big work assignment that I have been too tired to work on must have it completely finished by Friday because…
  • Sunday we leave for Vancouver for a week. This is a vacation.
  • Tomorrow I am interviewing a potential babysitter for Moira who will be working two afternoons a week AND we are going to check out a day home (that she wouldn’t start until she turns two but we are going to meet them anyway). Wish us luck.

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