Please try again

After a restless night Moira is extremely tired today. (She isn’t the only one.)  For the last week or so she has gotten into the habit of napping around 10 a.m. for about an hour and it has been pure bliss. This morning, pulmonologist with the extra tiredness, I tried putting her down earlier. She didn’t nap at all.

Today she is fighting – fighting the tiredness and I keep going in to reassure her (and to find the soothie that she has thrown across the room) and she puts her little arms around my neck and gives me slobbery open mouth kisses, something she only does when she is really tired. At some point we go into the living room and play and she lays on the floor – which is rare – and smiles up at me and in a little while I put her back in her crib and try again. And again. Please Try Again.

About 10 minutes ago I put her back in her crib and told her I would have to play the bad guy – she is going to have to give in to her tiredness and just take a nap. RIght now there are cries of Mumumumumumum coming from her room but this Mumumumum knows what is best for her – best for all of us – which is for her to get some damn sleep.

Thwack! There goes the soother again. And again…

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