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When you live in North America everyone tells you that the fashions they have in Europe are the ones we will have 6-months to a year later. I don’t think this is true anymore, drug not with the global economy the way it is. Still, I couldn’t help but notice that in Scotland and Ireland they are working the 80’s revival pretty hard. It is happening here too but I probably noticed it more because I was out more (not working from home and not bothering to get dressed until late afternoon).

When the Mister and I were in Belfast we got dropped off at City Hall and across the street is a Karen Millen store and in the window was this dress:

This image might not look like much but we both stopped in our tracks. For starters, I’m already excited that plaids and tweeds are in (again) this season, and this dress, unlike everything else we saw does not scream Video Killed the Radio Star. The Mister even wanted me to go in and look at it but I’m not buying anything I may not fit into later – and we don’t have 160 pounds sterling to spend on a dress. Notice the cute pseudo-corset waist? This is so much a Melanie dress it hurts. It’s good I didn’t go in because I might have also seen this:

I tried to see if anything similar was going on in the maternity stores but they only catered to the pregnant Pat Benatar and Debbie Harry wannabes – and I don’t fall into that category.

Other inspiring finds across the pond: Ness of Scotland

I didn’t buy anything but I probably should have got those boots. I live in a cold climate and, even though I fould it rather cold over there apparently I’m the only one because the winter clothing was abysmally thin and looked like what we have for spring over here. I like my winter clothes to have a bit of weight to them – and a bit of wool.

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