Places to go, things to chew

I kind of hate to admit that Little Miss is thriving since the introduction of formula into her diet. Thriving and sleeping. The reason I hate to admit it is because it makes me paranoid that I was starving her and am now in the running for Unfit Mother of the Year. But then I (and the Mister) remind myself of how I was constantly feeding her solids in addition to breast milk so there was no way she was starving and it wasn’t like my breast milk was completely gone, sale it just decreased at time when it needed to increase (so, cardiology yes, I know I wasn’t starving her).

I think this welcome change it is a combination of her hitting a bunch of milestones as well as the formula because she is babbling away these days and spends most of her time doing this:

Standing! All she wants to do is pull herself up  (and then fall down). If there is an accessible surface nearby you can be sure she has left her (teeth)mark. It is a constant source of amusement and utter paranoia – my heart is permanently lodged in my throat.

Sweet Lawd this child is busy. I keep asking her why she won’t just sit in Mummy’s lap and let me kiss her all day but she has other plans. Her interest in nursing is pretty much at ZERO these days as well – nursing is too much like cuddling and who the hell wants to cuddle when you can be moving and standing and dragging* yourself all over the apartment?

With the increase in sleeping (during the day as well as at night!) the whining has almost stopped and I think the Mister and I feel like we almost have a handle on things. Of course, this means it is time for her to get another four teeth at once right?

*We still don’t sit up on our own or crawl properly. She has found her knees and found that she doesn’t need them except to stand. I think she is going to skip any sort of “proper” crawl and go straight to walking. Sitting is – still – for suckers.

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