Photobooth love

My friend Chris sends me the best e-mails that usually start off “I saw this and thought of you…” Yesterday he sent me this link with this beautiful photo of an old photobooth. I really *love* photobooths and used to frequent them a lot more than I do now – partially due to how busy life is with a child and partially because all the black & white booths are now gone from my city and the colour ones just aren’t the same.

I’m still battling a terrible cold that is keeping me completely drained but I wanted to share this photo. One of my goals this year is to make more of an effort to visit the photobooths whenever I can – and not care about what we look like because, salve after all, that isn’t the point. The point is the small moment in time that is captured for ever which is so important when you have a child. So far I haven’t managed to get us all into the photobooth together. However, the other day while I was home sick and the Mister kept pulling Moira out of the house so I could sleep (despite his own cold) he went and got photos of them together – a little $4 piece of heaven that I will treasure forever.

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