Phone conversation

There is a good chance I’m going to start working again soon – and by soon I mean March 2nd. This isn’t an out-of-the-house full-time job but it will be an important contract if I get it. Also, more about it will be money and money sounds nice these days.

Dear Money,

I have missed you so. I know we have never been really close. In fact, you’ve always been a bit of a tease – showing up for a while with grand promises of sticking around and then just buggering off whenever you want – but I have noticed your absence lately and would like to get to know you again.

Love, Melanie

Anyway, I can’t say much except that this job involves a whole lot of social media/social networking. As a result I have signed up on Twitter so I can figure out how to use it before I meet with anyone and lie about knowing how to use it. So, if you are also on Twitter this is where I ask you to follow me (@melimello) so I’m not over there Tweeting to myself (is that the right word?). Does this sound as dirty to you as it does to me?

This also means I am back on Facebook. I deleted my account in January because I felt like I didn’t need anymore places to be on the internet these days – except that it is my knowledge of the internet and the fact that I have been blogging since about 2000 that is getting me this sweet contract so I may as well just give in and be EVERYWHERE. For example, here.

There is no music Monday today. Vampire Weekend and Camera Obscura are still in heavy rotation and I have a lot of catch-up writing to do for my other site before my eye surgery Thursday (OMGOMGOMGOMG!) and then I am taking a week off the computer. Honest. (Okay Mister, stop laughing.)
Me: Shoot – Mum can you hold on, recipe Moira is stuck in her toy basket.

Mum: Oh no.

Me: Yeah. I have to get the camera.

Unfortunately I missed the best part – the part where she is trying to get something from her basket and her legs are flailing wildly in the air.

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