Patriotic Swimming Trunks

Patriotic swimming trunks

I have this thing where I feel I can only start new projects on the first of the month – or the 15th if the following first doesn’t come fast enough. Otherwise it just feels wrong and I get itchy. I blame this little personality glitch on the fact that I was born on the first of the year and put enormous pressure on myself to reinvent myself every birthday – writing big lists of things I hope to accomplish (see the 31 in 31 for a good example).

This new blog was supposed to be set up around the first of February I believe, and then again in May. However, having two jobs (almost two full-time jobs) has prevented me from doing much of anything other than work over the last couple months – until today. Today, although a holiday, is technically my first day full-time at one job. This job: (website no longer exists). My role there is of writer/editor/researcher and something else which I have been keeping to myself: host of a daily news program. That’s right, me in front of a camera. Can’t say I’m not nervous about that since I haven’t been in front of a camera in years. Guess I can’t hide behind the computer forever.

I’m also the blogger there, which is something – when I started blogging in 2000 – I never thought I would get paid to do. Over the years I have blogged on Diaryland, Blogger and Livejournal but always wanted my own website – my very own little space on the internet to call my own and continue writing about nothing in particular. And now I have one to try, yet again, to reinvent myself. As you can see, there is still lots of work to do on the site (and on myself) but at least it is up.

So here we go. It isn’t my birthday, but it is a special day as the photo of my brother circa the mid-70s can attest. (It is also exactly 6 months from one birthday to the next but who pays attention to stuff like that anyway?)

Happy Canada Day everyone.

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