The Mister sees Moira bent over something at the grocery store. Upon further inspection she has found a stray poppy and is trying to fix it to her coat.

“Elp, viagra approved Daddy!”

It is November so of course Mummy & Daddy are wearing their lapel poppies on their coats (and over their hearts). It amazes me that these little beings pick up on things so quickly. Thankfully the Mister has a knack for attaching poppies so that they won’t poke you and won’t fall off.

Now when we put our coats on she points to it, “Paaw-py.” And then looks at me as I put on my coat, “Mummy?” to make sure I’m wearing mine too.

She doesn’t know why we wear them but she will someday and how cute is this little person running around with her paaw-py on her coat?

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