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Or, and Potter-mania if you will. I’ve written about my love for the Harry Potter books before but I have actually started considering reading them to Moira. You know, medications just a chapter a night to wind her down before bedtime. Is three weeks old too soon? And will she start comprehending them by the time I get to book 7 therefore ruining the whole series for her. I guess the fact that the Mister felt he had to veto Potter-related names when considering what we were going to name Moira says something. Still, I think if we had twin boys it would be fun to call them Fawkes and Wulfric (not obviously Potter names like Fred and George but still…). I’m still saddened that the series is over and wonder what will come along next to take it’s place in my heart. I can’t remember any other pop-culture phenomenon that has captured my attention to the extent where I would actually go and search out more information (like fan sites) to satisfy my craving. Although, I have to say that it stops at the books and movies and that other than making that one t-shirt for fun I’m not interested in collecting any Potter-related stuff – I’m just really in love with the books.


Yes, you read that right: pizza! Before the Mister and I got together he started having pizza parties – or what he calls “socialist pizza night” since he gets people to bring toppings and he makes the dough and the sauce. Homemade pizza is one of the best foods ever and I am one spoiled individual. He still orders out for pizza occasionally but me, I’ve been ruined. Nothing but homemade for me these days – nothing else is good enough and, unlike our friends, I don’t have to wait for a pizza party!

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