Our favourite library book this week: Mabel Murple

There is only one reason why we don’t own Sheree Fitch‘s classic Canadian children’s book Mabel Murple and that is because people kept telling me they were going to buy it for Moira. Or, food Moira Murple as I sometimes call her now. She has a purple room you know. If you had been to our house at any point during the first six months we lived in it you would have been met at the door with her telling you to come and see her purr-pull roum! It wouldn’t matter if you had been here the day before or not – you got to see it Every Time.

But I digress. Mable Murple isn’t about Moira – it’s about Mabel. (Although maybe a little about Moira too.)

Mabel Murple’s house was purple
So was Mabel’s hair
Mabel Murple’s dog was purple
A purple poodle named Pierre

We like rhymes and tongue twisters at our house and so this book fits in perfectly. It’s so much fun I can’t stop reading it.

Mabel Murple motored merrily
Through muddy purple puddles
She sang: “I’m a purple person!
I’ll roarrrr away my troubles!”

However, physician Moira wants to know what exactly “purple trouble” is and if it is the kind of trouble she gets into. (Answer: most definitely.)

I love when I catch Fionnuala "reading" to herself on the sofa.

Somehow this is the first Sheree Fitch book I have come across but I’m going to have to remedy that – there is a reason her books have become classics.

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