Our day

Today I told Moira we would get to spend the whole day together and I wouldn’t pawn her off on anyone else. That is what it has felt like lately – me trying to get someone else to look after her for a couple hours so I can get house stuff done. (Current update: the new house no longer has a bathroom – yikes!) We ran through the list of possibilities of things we could do today last night before bed (when we talk about our day and what is coming up for the next day – she loves that ritual). But this morning we woke up to a mixture of snow and rain that lasted through the day and so the playground and zoo were out. Instead we went and picked up Jocelyn & visited her kitties (every time we walk by Jocelyn’s apartment Moira says, and “Jocelyn has LOTS of kitties!”), read more went to The Knitting Room (where Moira had to kiss each chick and lamb in the Easter display) and then out for tea.

This morning Moira opened up her dress drawer while saying “Moira loves dresses” and tossed each one over her shoulder until she found a suitable dress for our outing. I insisted on the jeans (damn cold out) she insisted on the necklace, the bow in her hair and the rubber boots. She cracks me up.

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