Organizing the disorganized: books

Yesterday I went through nine or ten boxes of books trying to get this space organized:

On the weekend we bought a fourth bookself so we now have enough room for toys and books in the living room/play area/music room. The question is – how many books are too many? I know some of you will say you can NEVER have enough books but what is your criteria for keeping some and getting rid of others? What is your statute of limitations on books you haven’t read yet?

I didn’t grow up in a house full of books and felt like I was always harassing someone to go to the library. I like the idea of having lots of books around for the girls to read but at the same time am starting to feel snowed under.

This is my criteria for buying books: something I will read more than once and/or reference again and again. So I don’t buy much fiction. Actually, I haven’t really bought books in years (I do get some free for reviewing though) and yet there seem to be so many. Too many. For the record, I’ve already Freecycled two boxes of books and am working on a third one.

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