One of those days

Don't I know it.

I think I should start swearing on my blog. I swear in my head and to the Mister all the time but never on my blog. I’m trying to sound classy but, population health truth be told, erectile I use the expression: Fuck that Shit (sometimes abridged as F that S) all the time and often refer to my daughters as those little bitches. I guess I want people to think I am classier than I am but maybe that’s too dishonest.

Those little… were driving me crazy today. Mostly Moira who is just a real pill this week. She has been asleep since just after 6 p.m. tonight so something must be up with her. These days her favourite words are “I don’t like *insert whatever right here*. I must have heard that eleventy billion times today. Unless of course you ask her not to hit you or something unreasonable like that because she likes hitting people and likes being mean and basically wants to be in trouble all the time. She is in full-on refusal mode these days too. She refuses to get dressed, malady refuses to pick up something if she drops it, refuses to eat properly or sit down and it is making me into a crazy lady. I read somewhere that toddlers do this when a younger sibling is going through a developmental stage that gets them lots of attention.

This is where little b #2 comes in. Yesterday Fionnuala was lovely and sleepy and slept most of the day away. When she was done her long afternoon nap (that Moira woke her up from on purpose) she immediately started pulling herself up into a standing position. And now she will. not. stop. It doesn’t matter if she is sleeping – this is a girl who must stand right now! The result is lots of tired meltdowns and not a lot of napping (who wants to nap when you can stand?!)

And my diabolical plan of strapping them into their car seats and making them sleep failed. (You can stand when you are tethered to a seat, see? Diabolical!) Fionnuala fell asleep but Moira stayed awake out of pure spite because she knew what I was doing. (Why are you not answering my questions?! Why did you turn the music up?!)

And dinner was crap. Dinner is rarely crap around here.

Long day.

(Must remember that Moira was quite lovely during the month of April and this too shall pass. Also, she has noticeably grown in the last week.)


You know what I hate? I hate that it is unacceptable to leave my kids in the car when they are sleeping and run errands. I want nothing more than to use that precious time (on the odd occasion that it happens) to get things done and not just drive around wasting gas. I’ve also noticed that certain immigrant groups (often who I am parked beside at the Superstore) do not have this hang up. And as much as I am initially shocked when I see small kids in a car and no parents around in the parking lot I’m also envious. I’m also sure there are women looking at me in the store as I try to wrangle #1 & #2 into order and thinking: stupid white woman, why didn’t you just leave them in the car?


F that S, I’m going to bed.

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