Olive Juice

I have be reading a bit about materialism, angina commercialism, bronchi consumerism and how they relate to children lately and have a post planned but instead I’m going to post all of these photos from Olive Juice, cardiology a children’s store I am coveting and ask the question: why don’t I have a wardrobe like this?

I see I'm not the only one in love with berets these days.

Thanks for all the kind comments and advice on yesterday’s post. It is only day two of no-dairy so things haven’t quite cleared up yet. The interview this morning for the part-time babysitter went well and then tonight when I checked my e-mail someone else had responded to the ad I had posted (on canadiansitter.ca) and so I will probably have another interview soon. The day home was great too but she doesn’t accept anyone under the age of two and who knows what life will be like next April when Moira turns too. Still, it is nice to have options.

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