Oh Sookie you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind…

Well I’m happy to say that things are progressing nicely with the house. I arrived this morning to find that the new bathroom window has arrived and so now the contractor has all the pieces to finish the bathroom! Plus he started working on the baseboards today and those are the two big things that need to be done before we move in.

However, more about the BEST new from today (so far) is that the Second Sookie the elephant has been found! We lost him at the zoo about a month ago and I’ve been wondering how I can get my hands on another one. I think buying two of the same stuffed animal (and then hoping Moira bonded with that animal – which she did to an extreme degree) is one of the smartest things I have ever done. Second Sookie is in much better shape than First Sookie (we should have started rotating them from the beginning). Unfortunately the company (Ty) changed up the design a bit for the new version and it has beads instead of stitched eyes.

Sookie, <a href=

hospital on his way home after spending a month adventuring at the zoo.” width=”360″ height=”480″ />

These are the reasons I picked this particular toy for Moira to sleep with when she was a baby:

1) Stitched eyes
2) Small
3) Machine washable
4) $10

(Also, it wasn’t tied in to any TV show or extreme marketing campaign – I’m looking at you Elmo!) So can I just say how ridiculous it is to “retire” a toy and then charge $50 for it? Especially one that is going to be used as a handkerchief, serviette and most likely vomited on repeatedly? Sookie puts in a hard day, every day and all night too. He has to be constantly on duty and willing to be subjected to all sorts of things – including the occasional rage directed at him. We are really, really happy we got Second Sookie back.

Now if only I had a spare me stashed away somewhere.

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