Oh dear me…

I guess that last post was kind of a downer even though I thought I was being funny. Yes, sildenafil Moira is driving me nuts this week but it is also coinciding with an increased language spike – if you can believe it. Now she is saying things like: “Moira play with the water beetle for a little while” (she likes to talk to her Charley Harper wood puzzle) or “Put this here just in case Moira needs it later” (yes, anemia she always speaks in the first person). So at least I kind of feel like I know why she is becoming somewhat unbearable again. Also, I’m getting tons of hugs and kisses – and so is Daddy(!!) – which makes for a nice change. She is also sleeping fine at night and her transition to the new house was really easy because we talked it up so much and when you are two there is nothing more exciting than a purple bedroom (well, according to our two-year old).

Still, there is a preschool nearby that takes them starting at 24 months and I’m seriously thinking of putting her in there for one or two mornings a week. I used to think: “Why would you put your kids in school so young?” but now that I spend all day with Moira I realize it is so she can explain to someone else that a Jaguar is a type of jungle cat while reading her current favourite ABC book for the umpteenth time in a day. Or I could just get a TV. In all seriousness though I think what she is really lacking is interaction with other kids and she isn’t getting any of it just hanging out with me.

As for the house – it is awesome. I mean, it’s a mess and there is so much random stuff lying around right now I don’t really want to take a photo of it (and can’t find the cord to my camera anyway) but we are in and slowly working on it. This week has been filled with visits from the gas company, the city water department and Sears who came to fix our dryer. Slowly we are learning about our house and as much work as there is to do (and always will be to do) so far everything appears to be in pretty good shape. There are some space issues that need to be addressed (read: we have too much stuff) but with every cup of red raspberry leaf tea I am reminding myself that what I really need to do right now is try and rest and let Little Miss Sprig grow. Less than 12 weeks people! I’m sure the panic will start setting in soon.

(I’m looking forward to breaking out the camera this weekend – the rain is planning on going away for a couple days and our neighbourhood is really cute.)

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