November goals

I’m trying to be a little more organized these days – even though the Mister says that if I don’t have time to sit down and write a to-do list then I don’t have time for whatever is on the list. Okay, therapy so this is probably true but it’s time to pull my socks up a little and try and get some things done. Fionnuala is almost 3 months old now and I think we are settling into the new normal about as well as one can with a baby and a toddler. Lately (even before Fionnuala) I feel like I’ve just been ‘winging it’ which doesn’t really work for me – time to start writing things down.

November goals:

  • Work on my blogging. I miss it and this is my one main outlet for interaction with the world these days. It may be vain of me to think this but I always feel like blogging is the one thing I am good at these days (motherhood aside) so when I don’t have time for it I feel like something is lacking.
  • Work hard at getting pumping of  breastmilk to work for me* (it didn’t last time) but failing that suck it up and give Fionnuala a bottle of formula once in a while. Mama needs a night out.
  • Go on a date with the Mister (see the above).
  • Finish my toque. I was so close – and then I squished my finger. However, finger is healing nicely and I should be back to knitting soon.
  • Finish my quilt square. I signed up for Freebie 15 at my local quilting store and so every month you have to complete one quilt square and when you bring it in (on the 15th) you get the square for the next month. It’s only one quilt square!
  • Start getting some exercise. Ideally I would like to do the 30 Day Shred at least two days a week. I have no desire to do it every single day – which is good, because I don’t have the time for that either.

*I wrote this list a couple days ago, rented a pump and so far things are going well. Next step is to see if she will actually take a bottle!

So how about you: are you a list maker? Monthly planner? Or are you ‘winging it’ too?

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