Nobody talks about upsizing

I know they are cute, and tiny, and probably take no time at all to clean but my life goals go in the opposite direction of the tiny house movement.

When I dream of houses I don’t dream about the five of us tripping over each other and worrying about each and every item that comes into our home.

I dream about us each having our own room, with adjoining office/library and a large fireplace.

There is a lot to be said for personal space.

A couple years ago we upsized and it has been wonderful. We moved out of our small one bathroom home into a larger one. We have a kitchen that more than one person can stand in now. We have a finished basement where we can stash all the kids toys (of course, that doesn’t prevent them from being spread all over the house).

The Mister thinks the house is too big and having a bigger house makes us accumulate too much stuff. And this is probably true.

But when in my room and the girls are in the basement I can’t even hear them and that is worth the price of admission.

Plus we are slowly getting rid of the things we really don’t need but I don’t see him getting rid of all his CDs or Magic Cards and so my books are staying and so are Moira’s 41 Shopkins and Oonagh’s army of dinosaurs.

So sure, the houses I dream of are ridiculous by today’s standards. They are probably drafty, impossible to maintain and, hopefully, haunted.

Call me crazy but I would much rather have this:

Photo credit: For the Love of Old Houses Facebook page. c.1888. Randolph Avenue, Peoria, Illinois was listed at $289,900 a couple years ago.


Than this: (no matter how cute it is.)

Taken from this article in Country Living Magazine. This house is 296 sq feet of usable space.

That would be cute if I didn’t have to share it with anyone except maybe a dog.

I guess I take the saying Go Big or Go Home a little too literally. Because while many aspects of minimalism appeal to me that doesn’t apply to my living space.

So here is the thing about getting older. You start realizing how many things you are never going to be able to do (maybe this is just me and my terminal issues, but I doubt it). I used to think… someday. But at no point am I ever going to get to move to a small town in Illinois just so I can live in a Victorian mansion for under $300,000 dollars US. Nor am I ever going to own my own bookmobile or bookstore. I guess this is why I am so interested in fiction writing these days whereas I never was until I started having children. It answers the question of What If.

What If I wrote about someone who threw caution into the wind and bought one of those huge houses.

What If I wrote about someone who gave it all up to travel around in a bookmobile. (Two stories I have started but put on hold.) Writing gives me the opportunity to live lives I would otherwise never have the opportunity to live. Imaginary lives in giant homes where everyone leaves me alone and stops wiping their dirty faces on me.

Because I am an enabler here is a link to all the photos of that Victorian mansion. And there goes the rest of your day scrolling through the For the Love of Old Houses Facebook page. You’re welcome.

  2 Replies to “Nobody talks about upsizing”

  1. Rachel
    September 20, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Bahahaha! It’s true. No one ever talks about upsizing. But I will be! We’re upsizing from an 1100 sq ft condo to a 1400 sq ft rancher with basement. I’m nervous and excited and anxious we’re going to accumulate so much crap. I’m also really looking forward to my kids running laps in the huge basement instead of in our tiny living room.
    I love old heritage houses. Not necessarily the huge ones but yes, the really old ones. The town we are moving to has a lot of them, mostly of the modest 1500-2000 sq ft size. They are so beautiful. I would have considered buying one but they all needed a lot of work and we are not handy people.
    Not going to click on that link. Must get back to work!!!

  2. Leah Thomas
    September 20, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Great blog today. You are indeed a fine writer. And yes I totally agree with you about the whole tiny house thing. I watched a few episodes on HGTV and I’m like seriously. But just to let you know my husband and I bought a historic house back in 2003 it was built in1905 so it was going to be 100 yrs old. It was big for the two of us but had so much character not like your dream house but close. It had never really been updated to code but was sold as is by the old woman’s children. The verdict, it had so many things it needed to be brought to code. New plumbing, Electric (it was still on fuses) bathroom, kitchen updates required for safety reasons, and the heating bill was in the $600-800 dollar range because of old windows and drafty fire place. It was a monster to clean and maintain. And then there’s mold in the very old cellar like basement (Silence of Lambs type basement). So in a nutshell it drank money. After eight years we sold it and hubby and I relocated to Illinois!! Lol..not Peoria:) But North Aurora. We have a new construction single family home now. But I agree with you imagination and dreaming is good it’s healthy for us. That’s why I love movies. Particularly classics and Jane Austen type films. I like to get lost in them. So I understand you completely:)

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