Nine year blogiversary


Another long blog hiatus due to a) living life and b) someone corrupting my blog so it wouldn’t work (jerkface!). A non-working blog makes me really sad and frustrated to the point where I almost told the Mister to scrub the whole thing and start again. And even though I know no one is reading those early motherhood entries filled with sleep deprivation and angst, I still want to keep them. I should go back and read them myself because I’m sure they are filled with so much optimism. Cloth diapering – so cute! (Until I had a child whose bladder could not be contained by cloth.) No TV. (I’ve been on holiday for exactly five days and I’m thinking of dubbing this vacation: Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.)

This blog turned nine years old on Canada Day which is amazing, and I shouldn’t really care if I have ignored it for years at a time. It’s still my blog and I write it mostly for me (and Kerry). Ever since being handed the scary terminal cancer diagnosis I feel like I’m writing it for my girls too. I never really felt that way before and there is a good chance that things I wrote about in the past would totally embarrass them but they needn’t worry – their friends are not going to be interested in this blog. I’m pretty sure I never wrote about that time when M put her finger up F’s bum because she got tired of her pooping in the bathtub anyway.

So, all thoughts of documenting our month long road trip on this blog fell by the wayside because I was too busy living life (and that is what Instagram is for). I took a ton of photos (of course), lots of them of snails. And then we went home and got a fish tank and some snails, and now the Mister’s Instagram account is filling up with snail videos. Since we got home the last month of school happened, my kids got cuter, and possibly smarter, and now the girls and I are spending a month at my parent’s place on Lake Ontario. I’m doing things I couldn’t have dreamed of doing a couple months ago (like walking). I’ve almost completely given up sugar which is a whole other blog entry that could be titled “things cancer has taken away from me” and I feel and look great but I would still like an effing chocolate bar.


Cinder bombHappy to report that the hair is growing in too.

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