Nine Months

On Thursday Moira turned nine months old. She has now been on the outside for as long as she was on the inside. I must say – I prefer it this way. On Thursday we also had her nine-month doctor appointment and there were, phlebologist for the first time really, dosage concerns that needed to be addressed. Mostly that she hasn’t really gained weight in months. By this I mean she was just over 14 lbs at her six month appointment and is now just under 15 lbs. Ironically (maybe?) a friend asked me that morning if I had given Moira any formula and I replied that I hadn’t and that I hoped I never had to bother with formula. By the end of the day Moira had her first bottle.

I call these her Buckle Pants because when she wears them all she wants to do is chew on the buckles.

The truth is that while I was hoping to never bother with formula I also suspected my milk supply had dropped and after talking to the doctor I think it dropped a lot more than I realized. This isn’t surprising since I was either ill or “fighting something” for the month of December and am still not 100 per cent. My weight has also dropped and I guess my body has decided it’s going to start using some of its nutrients for itself to fight off this bug.

I can’t say I’m not disappointed. I was hoping to nurse her for a year (I’m still nursing her before giving her a bottle but it doesn’t last long and she drinks a lot after she is done nursing). However, sick I can tell by the amount of formula she is sucking back while still consuming her FOUR or FIVE meals a day that it is something she needs. Still, formula is such a serious pain-in-the-ass and formula poops? The. Grossest. Thing. Ever. That’s another reason alone to breastfeed if you can. Anyway, it’s all about keeping the baby healthy and despite the lack of weight gain she is one healthy girl – hopefully now she just won’t be as hungry (and whiney – please let this be one of the causes of the whininess!)

And really, I’m pretty proud that I made it to nine months especially since it was so bloody hard in the beginning.

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