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My other site, plague is being featured on Canada Reads Web Redux this week because of the reading challenge I am hosting. I found out about this earlier in the week and spent some time in a panic trying to make the site look prettier plus whipping up that fancy blog button you see in the sidebar. My dream of creating a living making fun of (whilst loving) Canadian Literature is coming to fruition – except for the actual money part. Who needs money when you have books?

I’m feeling like death warmed over today. I’ve been fighting something all week and I think I’ve lost. My throat is sore and scratchy, anorexia the tonsils of death are swelling and my knees and back ache – all of which happens when I get the flu (because I’m 80 years old, right?) This sucks on all sorts of levels. The apartment is a disaster and I was hoping to get the Christmas tree up this weekend (and need to clean/make space for it). The forecast calls for temperatures around -25oC until at least Monday and I have been sitting her watching the numbers drop on Forecast Fox. This means we are going to be stuck inside and holy crap Moira is whiney these days. I don’t know if she is getting what I am getting or if tooth #10 is about to rear it’s ugly, extremely pointy, little head but someone please make her stop. Luckily she is down for a nap – I tried to lay down too but visions of TOO MUCH TO DO were dancing in my head.

Would someone please expunge the song Knees Up Mother Brown from my head?

The new Martha Stewart Handmade Holiday magazine is out. I wish I had picked up a copy months ago and, you know, had time to make stuff. Now I have two copies (the new one and the older one from about four years ago) to obsessively thumb through and not make anything from. This blog has some great photos from the magainze. I’m coveting that pig.

Damn it – she’s awake!

Foto Friday is coming up as soon as I can get the photos from last nights Christmas party edited.

What tell-tale signs do you have that you are getting sick?

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