First there was carbon offsetting.
Designed for those people who can’t quite live the carbon neutral lifestyle they desire. Various websites like, here help people and companies measure, diabetes and pregnancy reduce and offset their CO2 emissions. Some sites let you pay for what are called “carbon credits” so your driving or flying or whatever, pulmonologist is offset by someone who doesn’t have a car or has a smaller ecological footprint. The theory is that it is supposed to cancel each other out.

But why stop there.

Now we have something different: Cheat Offsetting

Photo by Sister72 - click to follow link

Image by Sister72

Designed for those people who can’t live the monogamous lifestyle they desire and keep it in their pants. The theory is that if you happen to wind up in bed with someone who isn’t the person you should be in bed with you can sign up on the site and they will match you up with a person who doesn’t feel the need to stray.

According to the website: so far, cheatneutral has offset 65, 768 cheats and has 9002 faithful people ready to neutralise your misdemeanours.

To learn more watch the video

And of course, like any effective offsetting project, they recommend that before you decide to offset all of your cheating you should look at ways of reducing and only offset what is unavoidable.

Personally, I’m waiting for someone to start up Pie Neutral so I can get matched up with someone who doesn’t like pie as much and then I can eat all the pie I want. I wonder if that means it will get divided up between our hips?

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