I’m stepping back a bit.

Taking time for myself.

Evaluating what I want.

These are the things I know I want: To write more but mostly to write better. To have a healthy and strong body. To be present in what is important. To use my time wisely.

My only real resolution this year is to get organized: home, here mind, buy body. It is more of a life theme broken down into baby steps than an actual resolution. Man, ampoule that sounds flaky.

I’m trying to use my time wisely – especially my time online. I got rid of Facebook. If you didn’t get a message from me about it don’t take it personally. I find Facebook a big time-sink and so it was the first to go. It was one more thing distracting me from getting things done. From being the person I want to be.


Life right now: Fionnuala is teething. Moira starts potty training tomorrow (again). Both seem extra needy these days. I have a rash that starts at my hairline and ends near my Adam’s apple (no idea what it is). Both girls were up before 6 a.m. this morning but I still managed to squeeze in a workout. I made soup. I’m going to watch some Big Bang Theory with the Mister as soon as I post this and then go to bed. The show is funny but still a sitcom so I find a lot of it annoying – not sure how much more of it I can stand. We are starting Season 2 tonight.

Question: Is Big Bang Theory still funny to those people not married to theoretical physicists?

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