N is for…

Nursing and Nipples

I call this photo the “post-boob bliss-out”

My view on breastfeeding this week is: one step forwards, doctor two steps back. Hopefully this means we will get there eventually but it is slow going right now. Not Moira though – this little girl can eat and, unfortunately for my breasts, probably has her Mum’s speedy metabolism which means she wants to eat all the time. The little turbo sucker is gaining an ounce a day and after an 11% drop in her birth weight has now surpassed it two weeks later. I won’t tell you what that is in grams though – the constant monitoring of weight is enough to make one paranoid and as long as she is eating I am going to be happy. Even if that happiness makes my toes curl under and has me wanting to climb the walls every time she touches me. I saw a Lactation Consultant the other day (I’m getting all the help I can get) to help with the latch and help clearing up a yeast infection in my breasts that is causing me more pain. Good times. I call myself the Breastaurant.

Still, I’m not giving up. Besides the obvious health benefits of breastfeeding, formula just seems like a whole lot of work with all the sterilizing and preparing and heating up in the middle of the night. Also – it is expensive and breast milk is free, so until I am literally climbing the walls (not just thinking about it) we will stick it out.

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