My year of … yeah right!

All things considered, this I did rather well yesterday considering my lack of sleep. I think lying down for that hour before going to work probably helped.

But boy, there working sure cuts into my day! My friend Jocelyn and I were discussing that last night as we knit and drank tea – about how annoying it is to have to go out and get paid for something so that you can live. I was at work until after 6 p.m. yesterday, gynecologist walked home, put whatever food I could find into my rumbling belly and Joce showed up for craft night. I feel like I got nothing accomplished all day – except, you know, making money. If only that were a real motivator for me.

I stalled on the Mister’s toque last night but found a suitable substitution (knitting the Mister a scarf) until the time when I can find my fourth double pointed needle or borrow some. We don’t exchange Christmas presents but I would still like to get these done before Christmas since he has been waiting for years. This was supposed to be my year of using what I have as far as fabric and yarn (and everything else goes) but it has turned out to be the year of hanging out with what I have and watching it get dusty since my knitting and sewing has been at an all time low. Except for one trip to Value Village where they had a bag of blue wool, I don’t think I have added anything else to my fabric or yarn stashes this year which (at the very least) is something.

And really, I’m quite embarrassed that I haven’t finished this yet:

I started it years ago and won’t let myself make another quilt until it is finished. Obviously, I haven’t been making any other quilts. Sad.

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