My Sweet Valentine: 22-months old

We got home Monday night after a long flight. For some reason Moira is really tired lately and all week at my sisters she would start lobbying to go to bed around 4 p.m. (which would be 2 p.m. our time) but I would force her to stay awake until 6:30 p.m. Seriously, viagra 40mg what almost 2-year old asks to go to bed? Her cousin would try to play with her and she would start gathering her dolls and say “night-night Thomas” and start heading downstairs to bed. It was hilarious. She barely changed her schedule at all while we away because 6:30 – 7 p.m. is her normal bedtime and she is back at it. On the flight it took her 3 hours to fall asleep (the flight left at 7:30 p.m.) – it was a 3 hour & 45 minute flight. She was great though, decease poor thing.

The night after we got back the Mister & I were watching a movie when the vomiting began. That was the first time little Miss has ever thrown up. I always wondered what I would do in such a situation but I have to say the Mister and I handled it rather well for first-timers.

I had big plans to write a post when she turned 21-months but to be honest life with Moira was frustrating then. She was tantruming a lot and everything seemed like a struggle. This month she is beyond sweet and I’m getting hugs and kisses all day long. Her emotions are all over the map though – she is definitely turning two.

I suspect the tiredness is due to all the developmental stuff she is going through lately. She is really talking up a storm and saying complete sentences like: “Mummy offa the phone.” She’s curious about everything. Usually so independent, it is interesting to see how much she needs me right now and I suspect once this next developmental push is through she will be even more independent so I’m enjoying the hugs and kisses while I can.

Other news:

} I’m terribly behind on everything so if you are expecting an e-mail from me or, you know, a book in the mail – it’s coming. I promise.

} We had the first ultrasound yesterday and I’m happy to say it was a very boring assessment which means there is a single, healthy baby growing inside of me. For some reason I always have a bit of an irrational fear that there is going to be four babies growing inside of me. We joked about it with the tech and she said there was a lady there last week who did find out she had four babies! I know people make it work but one baby is all I can really handle at a time. (Those four babies were through invitro: one egg split into three.)

} I hacked off all my hair today and it is quite short – and not the best haircut I’ve ever given myself. I will probably need to get it trimmed to even it out a bit but it feels nice and didn’t cost me $60. Thankfully curly hair hides a multitude of sins.

} I hate house hunting already and we haven’t even seen anything yet.

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