My funny Valentines

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I’m a firm believer that Valentine’s Day is for children – that’s how it was in my house growing up. That being said I don’t have any plans today. Moira slept over at her Grandma’s last night and Fionnuala slept snuggled up against me for most of the night while the Mister slept downstairs. Very romantic, no? I may or may not go out and buy Moira this little pot of flowers she was admiring at the grocery store the other day – purple flowers of course. Also, the bathroom needs cleaning.

Moira has been really great lately. That doesn’t mean the tantrums have stopped (don’t be silly!) but it does mean that they have morphed into something else – something a little more manageable (?). I think we have both come to a point where we know when she needs to be alone to tantrum/cry or when Mummy needs to intervene when the hysterics get so bad she can’t calm herself down. She has also become fiercely independent in the last two months: potty training took about 3 days when she decided she was ready and now every morning she gets up, takes off her night diaper and gets dressed before she comes out of her bedroom – which leads to some really awesome outfits as you can imagine.

Fionnuala has started to give me those wonderful baby kisses where she jams her open maw on my face and then looks at me to see if she is doing it right. With all the kisses she gets from Moira & me I guess I can’t be surprised that she is giving kisses already.

I finally got around to taking some new photos of the girls this weekend. Moira loves it when I do this although sometimes it is hard to get photos of her when she isn’t smothering her little sister in kisses. (My life, it is rough no?) I’ve been charting their growth together through a series of photos I call The Big Blue Chair if you want to see them.

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