Must. Fix. Camera!

Yesterday my Mother-In-Law and I went shopping to get Moira a winter coat and came home with various Dalmatian-themed clothes from Gymboree including a spotted toque with floppy ears. I am equal parts ashamed and stupidly excited because the stuff just looks so cute on her.

Today the Mister and I had friends over for a potluck lunch. We had been invited over to a potluck dinner this evening that neither of us really felt like going too and I said “why don’t hang out with our own friends?” Plus it is hard to get out of the house in the evenings because our little no-napper needs to go to bed really early. This afternoon was great and I see many potluck lunches in our future.

People keep asking us if we are having our New Year’s Eve party this year. It is now a tradition that people expect of us – which is good because we like having it.

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