Music Monday ~ My Maudlin Career, Camera Obscura

I’ve waxed poetic about Camera Obscura before and have been eagerly waiting the release of their fourth album which came out recently.

Upon a cursory listening it is, prescription as expected, pharmacy awesome. I suspect this will be on constant rotation this week and possibly in the weeks to come – along with Glasvegas which I am still loving (the Mister, on the other hand, might be getting sick of it).

Check out the super slick French Navy where Traceyanne Campbell looks superb & is making me feel particularly frumpy this morning as I sit in my drool encrusted housecoat reading The Waterhole* for the eleventy billionth time to Miss Sniffles-a-lot. At least this human serviette can lose herself for a while in the melancholy sounds of this new album while mindlessly repeating: One Rhino, Two Tigers, Three Toucans…

*Really is a great book.

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