Music Monday: Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More

Music Monday is back! The main reason for me trying to get back into it is because I have missed doing these posts – but also because I have found a new band with which to be enamoured. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum now that I’m not pregnant/moving/renovating a house. (Please let this be a quiet year.)

I first heard about Mumford & Sons months ago but it wasn’t until the Mister brought the CD home from work last week that I had the chance to really listen to them. The Mister gets home at 5 p.m. which is when all hell is breaking loose as far as the kids go. Moira is usually running around with no clothes on in a last hurrah of energy before sequeing into her exhaustion meltdown that happens right before 6 p.m. Fionnuala is  done by then too these days (would it kill these girls to take a nap once in a while?) and doesn’t want to be put down anymore as she manically chews on anything she can get her teething gums on (often this is me) – all while I’m trying to get dinner ready.

Still, page when the Mister came in smiling and handed me the CD I enthusiastically gave Raffi the boot and put it in the CD player right away. As the first song started I just closed my eyes, anorexia leaned into the stereo as Fionnuala grabbed at my face and listened as the music tried to sweep me away.

It was rather hard to get swept away while being screamed at even with the Mister admonishing Moira to let Mummy listen to the music because he understands. All I wanted to do was to lay down somewhere and listen to the album from start to finish – alone. When was the last time I have done that I wonder.

Still, in spite of that inauspicious beginning I quickly fell for Mumford & Sons and suspect they won’t be leaving the CD player for a while. Even Moira is asking to listen to them. Maybe she too can’t resist a band that has accordions, mandolins, banjos and a stand-up base as part of their regular instrument line-up.

I’m having trouble embedding videos but if you want to check them out I recommend listening to Sigh No More first (even though that isn’t an official video) and then moving on to Little Lion Man, The Cave and Winter Winds. You won’t be disappointed.

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