Music Monday ~ Made For Each Other

I didn’t get a chance to finish my planned Music Monday post today because it is a big one. But what I will do is tell you to go over to my friend Alex’s blog Strawberry Lemonade and watch the unique commercials she did recently for Frito Lay. The music in all of them is fantastic and now I have another whack of artists I need to check out.


Totally unrelated rant: I’m rather disgusted by the amount of people Tweeting about the premiere of Jon & Kate Plus Eight tonight. I’ve never seen the show and I’m sure I’ve gone on about my hatred for (so-called) Reality TV before but I think there is something seriously wrong with people who think it is okay to exploit their children on TV and air their fights for the world to see. All the Tweets were about how crazy the episode was and how the marriage is falling apart etc. But what is really sad is that these people are given a license to act this way and put their children through that because people will watch.

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