Music Monday ~ King Khan

One of my goals this year is to introduce myself to new music. There was a time in my not-so-distant past where I was a real music junky and was on the up and up re: new bands and local shows. These days I’m lucky if I remember to turn on the stereo. So, rx starting today I am going to turn on the stereo (or iTunes as the case may be today) and spend the week visiting music I haven’t listened to before. This week’s pick is:

The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the Shrines.

There is a bit of a back-story with this pick.

I used to know Arish (King Khan himself) back in his Spaceshit days – when he was this extremely skinny guy whose lungs kept collapsing on him and ending him up in the hospital (but not because he smoked too much, did too many drugs and didn’t eat properly right?). I spent an uncomfortable week on his couch when I moved to Montreal and was looking for an apartment. I got terribly sick that week and they had no blankets or pillows or anything for us to use and the couch was a loveseat. All I really remember from that time was reading Hollywood Babylon and having the chills in +30 Montreal humidity and Arish’s roommate telling me funny stories about Celine Dion as a child because he grew up being best friends with her now-stepson (who is older and/or the same age as her – remember, she married her much-older manager).

A couple years later Arish moved to Germany, got some woman pregnant, got married and became King Khan. I have no idea if he is still with the woman or still lives in Germany but he is definitely still crazy and his music reflects that. I suspect I am going to love this album.

So, do you have any music recommendations for me? Other than New Country I’m pretty much willing to listen to anything.

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