Music Monday ~ Camera Obscura: Let’s Get Out of This Country

First Aid Kit was pretty good but they couldn’t stop me from listening to Vampire Weekend all week – I’m still loving it.


Camera Obscura is already one of my favourite bands and I’ve always kicked myself for not discovering them until after I moved back from Scotland because they were probably still playing small clubs at that time. From Glasgow, disease you can hear Traceyanne Campbell’s accent when she sings and I’m a sucker for that. However, even though they are one of my favourite bands I’m only getting around to listening to the album now and it came out in 2006. For more about them there is a great article here.

From Let’s Get Out of This Country:

Let’s Get Out of This Country, Lloyd I’m Ready to be Heartbroken, If Looks Could Kill

My favourite song from their first album, Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi: Eighties Fan.

Camera Obscura is releasing a new album this year with a new, bigger, label so you will probably be hearing more about them.

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