Mother’s Day

I had big plans to make brunch for my parents this morning but when I called Mum this morning to tell her I was too sick to make brunch Dad told me Mum was too sick to get out of bed. Soooo, diagnosis Happy Mother’s Day to us all! I was hoping to get a photo of Mum, prostate Moira & I but – in fact – all three of us are sick with colds and between my lip-distorting cold sore and Moira’s florescent green boogers I’m thinking today was never going to be a good day for a photo shoot.

The Mister is not obligated to do anything for me on Mother’s Day because I’m not his mother. I know this isn’t how most couples work it but that’s how we roll. I’m sure in a couple of years he will be called into service by children who need supervision for whatever Mother’s Day scheme they have dreamt up but until then he’s off the hook. Of course, this site since I’m sick I’ve been well taken care of today with breakfast made, dinner made and the opportunity to escape into bed when such activities as sitting upright because too much for me. He just brought me a piece of the choclate chip banana bread he made.

Photo from Moira's birthday party a month ago - yes, I'm breathing in her baby scent.

Face herpes & whininess aside, let me just say I love Love LOVE being Moira’s Mum and feel pretty damned blessed these days.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there!

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