Dear Monday, page

Thank you for not sucking today. Lately our relationship hasn’t been so great – for some reason Moira got it into her head that Monday was Meltdown day and would basically yell at me All Freaking Day. Today Little Miss and I spent the whole day together and it was actually fun. We went to my prenatal appointment where she got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. We went for a muffin treat afterwards to the cafe nearby and she got to play with their Thomas the Tank Engine train set (which she loves to do). We went to Superstore where she got to pick out three pairs of new pajamas for summer, “Hey Moira, these ones have elephants on them do you want them?” “YES!” (and she immedately dropped everything she was holding). She got to pick out a lot more than pajamas too because, as she will tell you, “Moira like clothes.” (Also, Moira likes to eat and is growing a lot as toddlers tend to do.) We went for a walk. We went to the park. It would have been awesome if she let mama have a nap but I’m not going to complain and she fell asleep right away tonight.

So yeah, thanks non-sucky Monday, feel free to come back anytime (and please don’t let this be because her father had to physically remove her from my presence the last three days to calm down from her yelling-at-mummy screaming fits).

Love, Melanie

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