Monday Meh

I’ve started a new theme for Mondays – I’m calling it “Mope-around Mondays” because for the last couple weeks that is all I have been able to do. I don’t know what it is about Mondays lately but they just aren’t doing it for me. This morning I promised myself I would be productive – I had even showered and dressed by 9:30 but that didn’t really help. For the rest of the day I wandered listlessly around the apartment avoiding all sorts of projects that need to be done. I guess this whole not-having-a-job thing is harder than I thought. There were other reasons I was moping around the house today but I’m only going to whine about them to my sister (lucky you, stomatology Amanda!) and not the whole blogosphere.

Luckily tomorrow is “Get-over-yourself Tuesday” which means I should be better. It is also going to be warmer so the errands I put off today because of the cold – like returning bottles – can get done. I’m also being visited by a social worker tomorrow who will assess just how poor we are and give us coupons for milk and fruit and veggies if we qualify. The qualifying question was whether we made less than $2100 in a month – to which we laughed since at this point if we made anywhere near that much a month we would feel like kings. Still, I feel weird being on any form of assistance – even if it is just coupons, but I drink a lot of milk so at this point any bit helps.

Speaking of poor – I can’t believe how expensive sheets are! For the last couple years I have been rotating between two sets of sheets that we got for our wedding and both bottom sheets have been worn right out – plus a third bottom sheet I had. I blame the Mister and his restless legs but I also blame the fact that things aren’t made to last. I finally had to bite the bullet and buy some new sheets this weekend but even discounted sheets at Winners were $50. That’s $50 for something that is going to wear out. So I got these:

Thrifted sheets: $12. I actually got two pairs but the second ones were mislabeled (definitely not Queen-sized) and have to be returned). Even spending $12 for second-hand sheets felt like a lot of money but they matched and we were getting desperate. You can bet these are not organic cotton.

Gah – I’m talking about sheets. See, Mondays – they’re just no good.

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