Momness on Mother’s Day

I was laying in bed around 11 this morning – thankfully going for a much needed nap (5 a.m. wake-up) – and thinking about what I wanted to write about Mother’s Day. You’ll just have to trust me that it was poignant and well written while my thoughts remained in my head. Really, viagra dosage you would have laugh and cried. Perhaps mountains would have been moved? We shall never know now. I fell asleep (bliss) and instead of that meaningful Mother’s Day post you get me, physician bleary-eyed at the end of a long three days battling little sleep and crabby children. The result will most likely be a disjointed post of random thoughts that will hopefully turn out to have a cohesive theme running through it by the end.


Last night I went to something called MomFest. This was an event put on by for local social media moms who all went to the house of a stranger to meet other social media moms. If you stop for a moment to think about it, it really is rather weird. I was asked to go by a mom I sort-of-but-not-really know through Twitter. This mom then admitted she didn’t like to drive but lived nearby and then three of us so-called social media moms ended up carpooling. None of us had ever met before and yet we all stepped out of our comfort zones (a term that was thrown around quite often) to get together with other local moms and talk about being moms. We also likened it to online dating but really it’s more like online play dating. (Because at this stage in the parenting game it is ALL about the play dates.) I’m already tired of typing the word mom. Mom mom mom mom. Someday I will have something to talk about other than being a mom/my children. I hope.

Anyway, the point is a good time was had by all and meeting other local moms was awesome. I won’t lie. We talked about mom-things: our kids, tantrums (my favourite topic, no?), child birth, breastfeeding, the role of social media in being a mom these days and – of course – the mommy wars. I felt out of my comfort zone in the beginning but – like most things that pull you out of your comfort zone – I now feel inspired to meet up with other local moms, become more involved in the local blogging scene and put on make-up once in a while.


Addressing my last post (since I never got the opportunity to respond to all comments) I was given a lot to think about in regards to calling my girls names online. Some of you made me feel pretty bad about it so, while I felt it was done very tongue-in-cheek in my mind, it may not have come across that way. On the odd chance this blog is still around in the future I suppose the girls might read it and be upset by it. Although my parents used to secretly call me their ‘little abortion’ (long story and probably not what you think) and I grew up feeling loved and secure enough that I can laugh about it.

When Moira was a baby we called her Miss Fussy Britches which turned into the MFB or sometimes just ‘britches’. In my head I often call them britches when they are fussy so I changed up the last post to reflect that. On the rare occasion I find myself out of the house without both of them I often come home wondering where my britches at? which I find ridiculously funny in my uber-white Canadian way.

As for leaving the girls in the car. I think I would actually vomit with fear if I did it for more than two minutes. I find it frustrating that I can’t do it – but the frustration stems from the fact that we live in a world where it just isn’t possible to be that trustworthy anymore. Besides, if they do both happen to fall asleep in the car I should be grateful that I have a moment of peace and just relax, no? (This is where audiobooks on my iPhone come in very handy.)


I stopped writing anything coherent an hour ago and should really get to bed and yet here I am still on the internet. Let me conclude by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all my mothering friends and, of course, my own Mum and big sister.


Teaching little sister the fine art of eating Cherrios.

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