Moira at Three

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Moira turned three on Friday. We had a small party for her on Saturday so we didn’t celebrate on Friday but I explained to her that it was the day she was born but we were celebrating it the next day. She seemed to understand. We got her a balance bike and left it out in the living room Friday night so she could see it when she got up on Saturday. Of course, health she came out of her room at 6:30 on Saturday morning buck naked (why?) and started screaming: I’m so ‘cited because you got me a bike! And: Can Fionnuala use it when I grow out of it? She’s a crazy – and very considerate – kid.

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Moira these days:

  • She’s really into music and singing these days. Her favourite songs are: Monkey in the Chair Chair Chair (by Raffi) and Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks. Unless we are in the car – then she wants to listen to Modest Mouse, usually Wild Pack of Family Dogs.
  • Somedays I don’t even want to open my mouth because everything turns into a minefield of questions. For example: my Mum sent her a birthday card with a bear in a tutu on it and inside it said: Today is your day to twirl birthday girl. The next hour I had to listen to: Why did she send me this card? Did she think I would like it? I don’t twirl. When do I twirl? Did you twirl when you were little? Do you have any pictures of you twirling? Why is the bear wearing a tutu? Do we know this bear? etc. etc.
  • Her favourite activities are working on puzzles, reading books, making postcards (which involves putting stickers on postcard sized paper and mailing them to people), running up and down the hallway with Daddy, ‘helping’ in the kitchen, baking with Daddy on the weekend, making Mummy crazy and smothering Fionnuala with kisses.
  • I’ve started collecting those old See Hear Read books by Golden & Disney and Moira’s favourite is Winnie-the-Pooh & Tigger and she can not NOT get up and dance (twirl) every time the Wonderful Thing About Tigger song comes on.
  • She is both quick to cry and quick to laugh. She is starting to do ‘the fake cry’ these days and we are constantly calling her on it. We are also trying to teach her that if she wants something she needs to come and ask us instead of going straight into meltdown mode. So much to learn when you are three. So much for Mummy to learn.
  • Nap time doesn’t really happen anymore although we still have a quiet time most days. I find life easier if she doesn’t fall asleep in the afternoon because she is so miserable when she wakes up and then takes forever to fall asleep at night. She sleeps well once she is asleep though.
  • She moves non-stop. I’ve started calling her the perpetual motion machine.

There is nothing dull about this girl and I fear she may already be smarter than me.

I did a little interview with Moira this week to record life as she turned three (sorry for the jerkiness but she wouldn’t stop moving).

And here she is around her second birthday and around her first.

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