Mid-Century Modest

My friend Chris (he who sends the fabulous links and designed my logo) sent this to me the other day. I already posted about Retro Renovations recently but here is a video done by the blog creator and Etsy Labs talking about Mid-Century Modest.

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I’m pretty much in love with this idea right now – loving the house you’re in and making it work for you. I won’t lie, I love looking through home decor magazines (at the library) but they are all about tearing down walls and finding the perfect this and that which always comes with a capital C cost. I’m not in the design world and even I know that Mid-Century Modern is super popular right now but who can afford a living room full of Eames Chairs or what have you? And to be honest – a lot of that furniture isn’t terribly comfortable and with two small children, a small space and a large husband what we all want is a space we can be comfortable in. Also, having one style in a home seems pretty boring to me and as much as I love all-things retro I’m not interested in living in a time capsule.

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