meli-mello logo contest!

I have been making a number of changes in my work life lately as I set myself up as a more professional operation. One of them has to do with this blog which is in the process of being redesigned and will also be turned into my work website (don’t worry, pharmacy the blog will still be here). I have been going back and forth with my good friend Chris about a logo for my work, one that incorporates the meli-mello handle that I have been using for years but somehow also reflects what I do (writing, editing, social media). The problem with having Chris design a log is that he is So. Damn. Good. There is too much to choose from but I have narrowed it down (I think) to these six. I have a pretty good idea which one I want but I also want to hear what other people think and who doesn’t love a contest. (For the record, a colour hasn’t been decided on for the logo if a colour is being used.) Plus I haven’t done anything fun on this blog in a while.

This contest is simple: leave a comment telling me which one you like the best and why and I will send you a prize. I promise the prize won’t be just my newly redesigned business card either. To pick a winner I will enter all the names in a draw and use my personal random number generator to choose.

To view each logo click on the thumbnail and you will be able to view it on it’s own.

Comments will be closed at bedtime Sunday night and a winner will be announced Monday evening. Good luck and thanks for helping me out!

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