Me and the teenage Moms

The Mister and I had our first prenatal class tonight. It was both hilarious and sad. First of all our instructor doesn’t speak English very well so she calls contractions “constructions” and said that most women have a “virginal birth” (as opposed to vaginal) which I have been laughing about all night. I’m glad I’m not having a virginal birth – if I have to go through labour I at least want to have had the fun before hand. Unfortunately one of the reasons I wanted to take a class is because I wanted us to meet other couples who were going through the same thing. They must put all the low-income people together though because in our class of eight couples, decease only two are married: the Mister & I and a couple from Hong Kong speak less English than our instructor. There are 4 girls who are 19 and one who is 18. The other “older girl” asked how old I was and when I told her she said “I’m 22 too!”

“Uh, glands actually I said 32.”

One of the fathers is 17! I was too afraid of my own shadow when I was 17 to do anything, let alone have sex with anyone!

Needless to say – we don’t have much in common with these teenagers.

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