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Oh goodness – things are really changing around here: moving house, glands having a baby, Moira turning two (with a vengance some days). I haven’t wanted to talk about the house much since things are still sort-of up in the air. By that I mean we have to get a home inspection done (tomorrow afternoon!) to make sure everything is okay. But let’s be honest, except for those few moments I have chosen to lose myself in Harry Potter over the past week I haven’t been thinking of much else.

Totally not my kitchen... but maybe it could be?

Totally not my kitchen... but maybe it could be?

In my mind I have been calling the house The Bungalow because it is, indeed, a bungalow. Built in 1955 it is just over 1000 sq feet sitting on a huge lot. There is an elementary school at the end of the street. In fact, Moira and Sprig (which is what we are currently calling #2) could conceivably walk to school until they graduate from high school if we stay in this house. We are buying it from a friend, it is his grandparent’s house and they have both recently moved into a care facility. I think they might have been the original owners. The last time they made any changes to the house was in the 1970s so there is a lot of work to be done. They raised five children in this 3-bedroom home. I don’t know how big our apartment is right now but to us this place seems Huge. It is pretty much my dream home – or it will be once I’m done with it.

Things I am excited about:

} Room for a garden, and a green house. The grandparents had a garden for years in the backyard so I know things can grow there. Not to mention a backyard to kick the kids into when they start driving me nuts.

} Cold storage. Yup – it has a cold storage room! The kitchen dosen’t have much storage space so I suspect we are really going to need it.

} A sewing room! There is a full basement that, no offense to grandpa, needs to be redone. We are going to take out the bar, add an office for the Mister, a guest room, a sewing room for me (which will remain open and accessible to the kids because I don’t believe creative spaces should be closed off from children) and – eventually - a second bathroom. But mostly I’m excited about the sewing space. I REALLY miss sewing.

} No more coin laundry! Plus in the backyard there is a clothesline that grandpa built many decades ago. The clothesline has a raised platform so nothing will drag on the ground and it stretches the length of the backyard. I think they must have had to take it down because there was a stupid bylaw for a while that said “no clotheslines” or maybe they just got old and couldn’t walk up the platform anymore. Either way – the clothesline is going back up (bylaw be damned but it has since been rescinded) which means I don’t have to use the dryer for months at a time! Now if only we could get that no chickens bylaw rescinded…

} The neighbourhood is perfect for us and fits almost all of our criteria: walking distance to the train and a grocery store plus some other shops. There is a huge city park that starts on the next block with a couple playgrounds, a stream and a wading pool. It isn’t walking distance to downtown but it isn’t far either and it is walking distance to the University which is always beneficial, plus on nice days we can still walk to the library, the mall we always run errands at and other places. Obviously being able to walk and/or use the train and having only one car is important to us. There is a one car garage too – which will be great since we can honestly go for days without driving and right now our car sits outside in the cold.

Also not my kitchen - and I would never have a TV in the kitchen even if they do look really happy.

Also not my kitchen - and I would never have a TV in the kitchen even if they do look really happy.

There are a million other things I am excited about too but I think my sister is even more excited than I am because she keeps sending me links to places like Retro Renovation (where the above kitchen image is from) or sites for vintage 1950’s wallpaper. The kitchen is small and is going to be a challenge (tiny sink, no dishwasher – which, after about 10-years of living dishwasher free I was really looking forward to) but we are going to live in the house for a while before dealing with it. Did I mention that the previous owners raised FIVE children in this place? Yeah, I think we are going to be fine.

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