Marching forward…


Our backyard as of this morning. Most of that snow has been there all winter.

We are slowly coming out from under the blanket of illness that settled on our house last week. No one is 100% better but we are all definitely on the mend (except for maybe the Mister who finally took a day off work today to rest).

I honestly try not to complain about the weather. I certainly avoid blogging about it but even in my day-to-day life I try not to complain. There are two reasons for this: 1) Years of working in customer service taught me to talk about anything other than the weather or go crazy. 2 ) I live in a northern Canadian city. It gets cold here. Some people seem shocked by the fact that it gets cold here – every year – but it does. It is a constant topic of conversation for people who have nothing else to talk about, site “can you believe how cold it is?” Well, therapist yes – I can believe how cold it is because we live in CANADA! But this year? This year I’m done. I am so done with winter. I think it is because having a baby when it is this cold out has been hard. I say this knowing that it is -30 out right now and yesterday we had another snow storm and winter isn’t done with me yet. Not by a long shot. But I’m done and I’m dreaming of Spring and gardening and going back to the playground and long skirts and longer walks. I’m dreaming of longer days and running and family coming to visit and sitting on the front stoop with the Mister when he comes home from work.


What are you dreaming of on this first day of March?

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