March 1st

I think I had the February blahs. Or maybe the blahs combined with the “waiting game” – as in, pestilence I feel like I’m just kind of waiting around for this baby to come. We still haven’t finished getting the room ready but we still have a month – we hope. February is always kind of a blah month around here – it is so dry and dirty and even though it has been a rather warm month I still find it rather uninspiring.

What I have been up to lately:

Knitting. Almost done knitting all the squares for the baby blanket. Watching X-Files and knitting. Watching movies and knitting. Hanging out with other knitters – sometimes in fancy restaurants:

Reading. As I have been slowly purging or boxing up some of our excess books I have found a couple that I feel the need to read before getting rid of – books I have carried around for years but know I will only read once. Of course, recipe right now I am re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows just because I can. I think I am done with the having a baby books for a while – I mean, sickness how much more do I need to know since Wrackspurt is coming whether I am ready or not? Although I find that I have spent an absurd amount of time reading about cloth diapers.

Lola. Everyday I go and visit this dog since her Mum is away and her Dad works long hours. I let her out, give her some fresh water, give her some affection and then leave her until the next day. She is very lanky and looks more like an Irish Wolfhound when she is walking around than a Labrdoodle:

Getting bigger. I caved the other day and had to buy new pants. I bought a pair of maternity jeans at the beginning of my pregnancy and was hoping they would last until the end but they were just getting too tight. At least these pants are lighter and can be converted to capris once the weather is warm since I know I will still need them for a couple months after the Wrackspurt arrives.

I’m also working at a friends office a couple days a week re-doing their filing system but one can only file for a couple hours without going to crazy – plus if I do too much lifting it hurts my back. Things I haven’t been doing but should include more cleaning, more organizing of baby things and more sewing. Mostly, I’m just gestating.

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