Many happy returns of the day.

I love this time of year. I don’t love the hectic crazy that comes with the Christmas season – I love the time that comes after that; the week between Christmas and New Years. I always feel a little giddy thinking about my hopes and dreams for the coming year and reflecting on the past year.

For us it has been a good year. 2010 was really crazy & stressful with buying & renovating a house, prostate having a new baby & various upheavals at the Mister’s work. This year we had two major resolutions:  no moving house and no getting pregnant (you can laugh but I was paranoid the whole year because I was nursing – steps have now been taken to make me not quite so paranoid anymore). My other resolution was to get better organized and, well, that is still a work in progress. With a new baby we just wanted a quiet year and I think (with the exception of more upheaval’s at the Mister’s work) we achieved that.

As many of you know, today is also my birthday which means that the start of the New Year really is a new year for me. It’s been a great birthday.  The Mister surprised me this morning with a MacBook Air. Really surprised me. I had jokingly said to him when he went to buy my present, “but I can’t think of anything my computer needs?” (Gifts tend to be computer-related: new laptop battery, external servers etc. I am more than okay with this.) Turns out I needed a new computer. It is so fancy but I’m sitting here on my old computer because I have promised myself to get it organized before I switch over. A new computer is such a great thing to get at the beginning of the year – and such a great way to make a fresh start (after I finish the monumental task of downsizing my photo library).

Also, I just finished my second piece of birthday pie (Grasshopper from this book in case you are wonder) made by the Mister & Moira.

Good things about the past year:

  • We stuck to our vegan/Whole Foods Plant-Based diet for the entire year. It has now been 16 months and we are still feeling great and are enjoying the adventure more and more.
  • Fionnuala went from being a small babe to a talking, running, demanding toddler.
  • The girls can now play together in some ways and it is wonderful to watch them.
  • We started a large garden and mini fruit orchard in our front and back yards. We played in the dirt a lot and digging became a form of therapy for me & the Mister.
  • Discovering Simplicity Parenting and learning about Steiner/Waldorf philosophies. I have found it all to be very inspirational and helping me become the kind of mom/person I want to become.
  • Having my Mum come to visit and seeing her and Moira become really close. (Have you seen this photo – that’s M talking to my Mum on the phone.)
  • Raising my girls to love books as much as I do:

Reading on the couch. (Alfie's World)

Reading cookbooks at the kitchen table.

I’m looking forward to so many things this year I think it deserves its own post. I am sure there were many, many more great things about the past year but I really need to go to bed – even though I just had a piece of pie.

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